Hehuan North Peak


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Nantou County Hualien County Hehuan North Peak

Hohuanshan Map Guide  The Scenic World of Hohuanshan

 Rising 3,422 meters high, Hohuan North Peak is considered a fairly steep mountain. Its two entrances are at the Hohuanshan Parking Lot area, nicknamed Shiofungkou (Mini Wind Outlet). There is a wooden sign, which is not too noticeable. The walk to the summit is about 2 hours.

 The trail stretches among the Pinus Woodlands dotted with red-haired azalea shrubbery. The later part enters into the Yishan Arrow Bamboo Grasslands. In May, the rhododendrons lash into full blossom. In mid summer, lush greenery covers the entire alpine areas of the far-away Central Mountain Range.


Hehuan North Peak Trail View