Yushan West Peak View Point


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Yushan Map Guide   Yushan Scenic Beauty

 Climbers who wish to ascend to the summit for a view of the Yushan Main Peak have to track 5 km to the Yushan West Peak's pavilion. The fir woodland here was also gutted by fire before and the barks have dropped off after the fire resulting in uniquely looking white stems. Although plenty of young shoots can be seen along the trail, the woodland remains very sparsely forested. This is because high altitude favors the growth of Yushan Bamboo Grass. As such, densely grown Yushan Bamboo Grass surrounds the white woodland. Whether such situation would happen to Tatachia Saddle Area is yet to be seen. This is the dividing point for the strong and weak climbers as the terrain after this point is extremely undulating and full of turns and twists. Another dividing point is at the 6.7-km cliff area. As many climbers are not accustomed to travelling by car at night, when they reach this point, they are already feeling drowsy. They need strong will and determination to reach Paiyin Mountain Resort. As there is only 2 km more to go, climbers tend to be more relaxed and need to be waken up to proceed their journey.