Hehuan East Peak Gate


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Hohuanshan Map Guide  The Scenic World of Hohuanshan

 Rises 3,416 meters above sea level, Hohuanshan East Peak consist mainly of steep slopes. Its two entrances are near the Songshia Building area. The first entrance is at the North Slope of East Peak, right at the junction from the main road turning into Songshia Building. The second entrance is behind the Songshia Building, at the abandoned cable car track, where the trails are very visible.

 No matter when you ascend the East Peak, the feeling is always different. In late spring, bouquets of attractive Yishan rhododendrons densely cover the north flank of East Peak. At the same time, dense tassels can be seen growing at the branches of Formosa Fir (abies), Yishan cypress (Juniperus Squamata) and Taiwan juniper. Flowering season starts from middle of May to beginning of June. Summer is the peak flowering season for vegetation growing among the fir woodlands and Yishan bamboo grasslands. Fall is the best time for climbers to see the changing seas of clouds at high lands. Mid winter naturally is the best training time for scaling snowy terrenes.