The Spring Beauty of Redhaired Rhododendron


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 Scattering around the mid altitude level, red-haired rhododendron blossoms from early spring in March till June, decorating the entire alpine areas with its utmost beauty.

 Belonging to the woody plant type, Red-haired Rhododendrons mainly grow at mid or high altitude mountain areas. At high ground, they often grow among the Yishan Bamboo Grassland, whereas at mid altitude, they often grow within the pine woodlands.

 As the Red-haired Rhododendrons require plenty of sunshine, at high altitude on the Yishan Bamboo meadows, their stems are generally one meter long. However, those growing within the woodlands are usually 2 meters high. As their adaptability is fairly high, they are the first shrubbery plant communities to re-germinate after the forest fire.

  Red-haired Rhododendron's Life Cycle

 Belong to the evergreen rhododendron family, Red-haired Rhododendrons blossom in early spring. Their flowers sprout at the tips of the branches from March to June following the altitude of the areas. Their singular-buds stand at the tips of the branches. Each bud consists of 2 to 5 pinkish-red to purple color flowers and they appear in bouquets. As such, at full blossom, the leaves are almost invisible. From far, they are liked flowers of the Yishan Bamboo hays, truly magnificent indeed. After the flowers withered, leaving the fruits on the branches, young shoots begin to sprout. The newly grown oval or round-shape leaves sprout on and around the branches. The fruits ripen period is from July to November. After the fruits crack open and the seeds drop off, the green leaves begin to turn into red-brown color. At the same time, young shoots start to sprout as they also prepare for the challenge of the severe cold winter. The buds gradually form under low temperature, waiting for next spring to lash into full blossom again.

Rhododendron rubropilosum Hayata var. rubropilosum