Mount Jade Trail


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Mount Jade Trail Map

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Trail Schedule

 Paiyun Mountain Cabin is well known for its attractive sunset sight. However, as the view from here is pretty narrow, only in spring or fall those climbers can see the full view of the sunset. I like to go to Yushan West Mountain.

 The view of the wilderness is wide and interesting, but the protruding area can only accommodate one person. I can enjoy myself viewing the cloud formations and far-away lands such as the Nanzisian River, Shalisian River Valley, the entire view of Yushan Main Ridge and the northern flank of the South Mountain which are made up of steep walls and folding rock stratum terrain.

  1. Ta-Ta-chia SaddleYushan West Peak View Point(5K)-Paiyun Villa
  2. Paiyun VillaYushan Main PeakPaiyun VillaTa-Ta-chia Saddle

Ta-Ta-chia Saddle-Menglu Terrace 1.8K

Menglu Terrace-Yushan Front Peak Gate 2.7K

Yushan Front Peak Gate 2.7K -Yushan West Peak View Point 5K

Yushan West Peak View Point 5K - Grand Cliff 6.8K

Grand Cliff-Paiyun Villa 8.5K

Paiyun VillaYushan Main Peak 10.4K